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Welcome to Fine Arts Colleges

Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts , Mavelikara named after the renowned artist Raja Ravi Varma  is a government institution affiliated to the University of Kerala. Mavelikara is a small town in the Central Travancore area famous for its traditional art forms and festivals, located in Alappuzha district with backwaters and scenic Villages.

This college offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) four year degree course in three branches of Fine Arts, namely Painting, Sculpture and Applied Arts.


In the year 1915, Late Shri Rama Varma Raja had founded this institution in the name of renowned artist Shri Raja Ravivarma. Shri Rama Varma Raja, second son of Raja Ravi Varma in his owns right a well known artist and a photographer. He studied painting at the Sir. J.J. School of Arts, Bombay, passed out in1903, from there he moved out to Madras and joined at the Government School of arts in 1904, in the same year he had exhibited a painting at the Madras Fine Arts Exhibition and won recognition. Returned to Kerala and Married Smt. Gouri Kujamma of Edasseril Pattaveedu, Mavelikara, on 22.April. 1905. In 1924, he was elected to the Mavelikara Municipality as president and occupied in the position till 1935. Also he was an elected member of the Travencore Legislative Assembly from 1930 to 1932. Later he was nominated to the Kerala Latitha Kala Akademi as chairman from1962 to1963. He was an exponent on the style of Ravivarma School of painting. Through him and his students and their followers that still continue the legacy of Ravivarma school of painting in Kerala.